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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finals Week

Our deepest apologies, but Finals have ruined yet another part of these past few days; discounting a miracle, there'll be no Dvar Torah this week.

A quick shot: What's with the long genealogical list that appears in the middle of our Parsha, right before Moshe confronts Pharoah? In R. Moshe Lichtenstein's in-depth analysis of Moshe, Tzir v-Tzoan, he suggests that the exhaustive list of names reflects Moshe going door to door asking for the support and accompaniment of each leader in Israel. Why does the genealogy stop after only three Tribes? After so many discouraging no's, he finally gives up.

While this fascinating image might not be Pshat as The Dvar Torah Project defines it, the idea behind it makes you start to wonder.

After all, how well did Moshe know his own people? Did he know their names, their family, their genealogy? Was there a formal introduction, a meet-and-greet . . . or did Moshe remain eternally out of touch, eternally the Outsider?

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